[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #194 : TCA Anant Board, PSIR Optional, Chess Hobby, IRAS Service

Board: TCA Anant sir
Optional: PSIR
Hobby: Chess
Background: Computer Science


  1. What are you doing nowadays?
  2. Opinion about IRMS

Member 1

  1. Best and worst part of NEP? What are the language provisions in NEP?
  2. As an Ambassador of Russia, how would you justify its action? Would you have started war if you were Putin?
  3. What is quad? What’s India’s role?
  4. Similarities between ww2 and current situation?

Member 2

  1. How is your IRAS training? Why did you learn? How are you finding accounting?
  2. Bullet train project, good or bad?
  3. What is Hyperloop? How it works? Any project in India?
  4. Favourite chess GM and why.

Member 3

  1. Why Sanskrit in 11th-12th?
  2. How to maintain integrity among civil servants? How to reduce corruption in railways? Are you aware of big reform railways had taken to reduce corruption?
  3. Does NEP has ethics education?
  4. How to tackle cyber crimes?

Member 4

  1. Which software used in accounting and payments in railways? What about in other ministries?
  2. Future of India China relations after last years clashes?
  3. Which countries under debt trap diplomacy? How India should tackle it?
  4. What is the labour and employment situation currently? Recent RBI report of COVID’s impact on economy?

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