[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #198 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Guitar Hobby

Date of Interview: May 04th, 22
Board:  RN Choubey
Optional: PSIR
Background: IITB Electrical
Hobbies: Guitar, IoT

Your experience in interview- 90% DAF based, smiling but poker faces, some answers and eye contact could have had been better from my side. Got out feeling nice but no clue how i performed.

Chairman asked to take off mask if no COVID symptoms, i was experiencing sore throat so kept mask on

Utility of mocks (if any)-

Vajirao – formal setting, closest to real interview, fixing mannerisms and boosting confidence

KSG – average mock but can be done as morale booster

Samkalp – my experience was not great but other people have had good experience


Asked to sit, told this is not a police interview, if you don’t know something it’s fine tell us and we will move on

  1. Introduce yourself with your education and professional background
  2. Mainstream of tribals and some followup questions

Member 1

  1. What are EM waves
  2. What is dual nature of partical
  3. Who gave this concept (didn’t know)
  4. Which equation describes dual nature of partical (couldn’t recall)
  5. Chairman asked here have you heard quote ‘god does not play dice’

Member 2

  1. India’s stance in Ukraine Russia war
  2. Why IMF and RBI give different projections
  3. Fuel as part of GST and counter
  4. Inflation target, has MPC failed in its objective to reign in inflation
  5. IoT and privacy concerns as IOT is about collecting almost all data

Member 3 questions on entrepreneurship and electrical (DAF)

  1. How to find which students are entrepreneurial
  2. Govt steps to promot entrepreneurship
  3. Every student is an entrepreneur and every entrepreneur is a student, what is wrong with this statement
  4. If family wants you to take up a job and you want to do a start up, what will you choose?
  5. What is bioelectricity
  6. What is tree charger (didn’t know)

Member 4 guitar and drones (DAF)

  1. Resonance in guitar and follow up questions
  2. Security and administrative dimensions of drones
  3. Can we detect drones
  4. Can you tell any recent events where drone attacks happened

Chairman: all right, this is all we wanted to ask, is there anything you would like to say

Mentioned how music helped me in personal growth and more appreciation of our culture.

Chairman said indeed music can lead to catharsis, your interview is over, all the best.

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