[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #2 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas sir Board, Haryana Home State, Anthropology Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 5th April, Afternoon session
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas sir
Optional: Anthropology
Background:  IIT Kanpur
Home State: Haryana
Hobbies: Watching football, fantasy premier league and sketching


  1. What have you been doing since 2019 Eye in the sky: what is it
  2. Geostationary Geosynchronous: which type of satellite would you put in these orbits Drones,
  3. Drones used where previously (Armenia Azerbaijan) Swarming of drones
  4. Why anthropology: is it because it’s easy
  5. A quote regarding strength of diversity: your views on it

Member 1

  1. Nationalism is it good or not- some derived questions which I can’t recall
  2. Nationalism and it’s impact on humanity
  3. Climate change: relation to Russia-Ukraine (I had referred to it so some question asking for my views- something like how humanity is progressing)
  4. Problems in Haryana- one problem which has in recent times improved

Member 2

  1. NCC: what did you learn
  2. NHFS: what are some data points you can recollect
  3. Sex ratio data, any Haryana specific you can recall?
  4. 1-2 factual stuff, can’t recall

Member 3

  1. Some aerospace related factual stuff
  2. Asked what my first preference is IAS or IPS
  3. What would you as an administrator do for women in a backward district: a couple of follow up questions
  4. Hydrogen: green blue difference (Nitin Gadkari reference)

Member 4

  1. Chandigarh: what decision would you take Water scarcity in Delhi and
  2. Haryana: your solution Linking of rivers and resolution of disputes
  3. Questions then revolved around these topics, but there initially was a gap between what he wanted to ask and what he asked, so created some confusion
    While leaving:
  4. There is so much pollution and fog during winters in Delhi, what technology has been used to allow landing?

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