[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #20 : TCA Anant Board, Delhi Home State, Economics, Painting, Reading Hobbies

Date of Interview: 7 April
Board: TCA Anant sir
Background: BA(H) Economics.
Home State: Delhi
Hobbies: Painting Madhubani, miniatures; reading historical fiction and non fiction


  1. first I must congratulate you. You’re the youngest candidate we have met, first attempt you’ve managed
  2. Why no post grad?
  3. So you have written you paint madhubani? You make them yourself? Tell us about madhubani and what is special about it?
  4. You like reading historical fiction. Tell us one book you’ve read recently and name author.

Member 1

  1. so you’ve lived in south delhi and have had your schooling here. Have you noticed any slums? What are the problems of slums?
  2. As an administrator how would you fix these?
  3. What about waste management? What is to be done?
  4. Tell us what has impressed you the most about Swatch Bharat Abhiyan?

Member 2

  1. so you’ve done economics. Can you tell me whether we should stop urbanization?
  2. What is percentage of urbanization?
  3. Do you know any govt schemes, like PURA? tell us about it.
  4. What about Smart City programme?
  5. What are the number of smart cities selected in the programme?
  6. What about the public sector? Tell us about its history in post independent India.
  7. Is disinvestment good? Govt is very passionately pursuing the policy, what is your opinion?

Member 3

  1. I won’t ask you any economics. I am interested in your hobbies. Textile history – how did you develop this interest and how do you read about it?
  2. Explain indian textile history, for how long has India been involved in the textile industry?
  3. Tell me about any of your favorite textile/ embroidery.
  4. Do you think textile sector is still very important to India? How?
  5. What are the sector’s problems that you may want to work on as an administrator?
  6. What about art history? Who’s your favourite painter?

Member 4

  1. what is the difference between kanjeevaram and banarasi?
  2. Is some level of NPA in the economy tolerable? I.e should we tolerate some NPAs?
  3. Farm laws withdrawn – do you think it was right to introduce?
  4. Constitutionally, according to the 7th schedule?

Chairman: your interview is over. You may go

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