[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #200 : Smita Nagaraj  Board, Mechanical Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 04/05/2022, afternoon 2nd to go
Board: Smita Nagaraj
Optional: Mechanical
Background: iit Kharagpur
Profession (if any)- ongc
Hobbies: Hockey, table tennis

Your experience in interview- cordial, daf based question
Utility of mocks (if any) – manners, better expression of thought practice


  1. ping pong diplomacy?
  2. why other sports should pe promoted , why not focus on cricket only as funding better here?
  3. why u didn’t choose sports as career ?
  4. benefit of playing sport other than fitness.

Member 1

  1.  benefit and issue of rti, rti vs osa, should we have rti or not
  2. judiciary cases pending reasons, solution

Member 2

  1. farm laws, good or bad , benefit issues, eNAM
  2. mtech project, application in public life

Member 3

  1. health policy , imr and mmr , states which improved most, fund priority among women child hiv/tb patient etc
  2. ongc assets india and world, calcutta basin should we stop exploration even if not finding oil

Member 4

  1. ndma under which ministry, disaster management in ongc
  2. un relevant or not as russia Ukraine happened
  3. cw – thankyou
  4. some more i not able to recall

all the best for remaining candidates

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