[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #201 : TCA Anant Board, Cinema, Quizzing, Reading, Watching Food and Travel Hobbies

Date of Interview: 29/04/22
TCA Anant
Background: B.Tech+ MBA
Hobbies: Independent Cinema, Quizzing, Reading, Watching Food and Travel Shows


  1. Did you complete your training in IIS ?
  2. What are you currently doing in IDAS. When do you get your posting?
  3. What is independent cinema
  4. Give some examples
  5. Does Kashmir Files qualify as an Independent Cinema
  6. What steps have been taken to boost indigenisation in recent times?
  7. Name some joint military exercises conducted by India.

Member 1

  1. Do you cook? Tell us what basic things you cook?
  2. What do we do when salt is less in a dish?
  3. Why salt is not added afterwards?
  4. Paper bags are sold as style statement in malls at the checkout counter. What is the logic? Shouldn’t people bring their own bags?
  5. Why more cyclones on east coast?
  6. Why do some women accept/ support domestic violence? What can be done?
  7. What is emotional violence and violence generated from limitation of choices?
  8. Difference digital books and hard copy ? Difference in reading them?

Member 2

  1. Which form of algebra do we use in digital circuits ?
  2. What is the difference?
  3. Can you tell some Logic Gates?
  4. What is XNOR gate?
  5. Moores law ? Is it obsolete?
  6. What is looking glass self theory
  7. Is caste weakening or maintaining its hold?
  8. Can product differentiation go on endlessly?
  9. What are 4Ps of Marketing. Why do we need 7Ps?

Member 3

  1. Where are the headquarters of Entrepreneurship Development Institute?
  2. What is a consortium ?
  3. What are SEZs?
  4. Where does this concept originate. What form government support is given?
  5. Connecting people is the slogan of which brand?
  6. What is CRM? ( Customer Relationship Management)
  7. What is window shopping? Why are people not buying from malls these days?
  8. Have you worked on Unix and Microsoft? Explain Ctrl A, Ctrl B, Ctrl U shortcuts in MS Word and Unix ?

Member 4

  1. What is DAP. Which category has first preference ?
  2. What is strategic partnership route in defence procurement? Any recent procurement via this route?
  3. which route was adopted in purchasing Rafael Jets?
  4. Genesis of ISIS and Al-Qaeda
  5. Which is more dangerous ?
  6. Strategic Relevance of Gwadar and Chabahar Ports?

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