[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #202 : TCA Anant Board, Jharkhand Home State, Anthropology Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 2nd May 2022
Board: TCA Anant
Home State: Jharkhand
Background: Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi
Optional: Anthropology
Hobbies: Cricket; Movies, particularly social dramas

Forenoon. First to go.

The board was very cordial. And diverse too. I was asked to remove my mask and face shield if comfortable. Chairperson read out points out of my DAF.


  1. What have you been doing since 2017?
  2. So you play cricket? At what level?
  3. And what do you do in cricket?
  4. Which position do you like to bat at?
  5. Is there a difference/ Can you briefly compare an opening batsman with a middle order batsman?
  6. What social dramas have you watched lately?
  7. You like to go to a theatre or watch on OTT?
  8. Has the theatre business been impacted by OTT?

Member 1

  1. We have had a new Chief of Army Staff recently. Can you name him?
  2. If you are made the Chief of Army Staff, what would your three priority areas would be? (Asked me to take 30s or jot down points if I wanted)
  3. Can you elaborate on the China issue?
  4. If you are given the role of a policy maker in infrastructure department, which one sector would you pick for driving development in Jharkhand? Pick only one major sector and tell me why?
  5. What about tourism in Jharkhand? Any avenues there?

Member 2

  1. So now let’s shift you to a different role of policy making. There are a lot of issues in India currently. Pick any three and elaborate upon suggestions for improvement? (He then himself went on to say corruption, population, pollution)
  2. Why India does not produce quality fast bowlers?
  3. MS Dhoni is from Ranchi. How do people in Ranchi view him?

Member 3

  1. (Picked on from talks about energy in previous answer) Why is there a coal crisis in India currently?
  2. What is the most efficient source of energy?
  3. Status of forests in Jharkhand, has there been an increase or decrease?
  4. If you are now a policy maker in Jharkhand, how would you increase the forest cover? And please don’t tell we’ll plant more trees.

Member 4

  1. (Talking very slowly, had to really strain to hear him properly)
  2. If I say North-east, which one state comes to your mind?
  3. Capital of undivided Assam? (Himself told it isn’t Guwahati)
  4. Long monologue on bifurcation of Assam, conflicts, etc. Finally, asked about the main reason behind such border issues.
  5. Have you heard about NEC? (I hesitantly said North Eastern Council, don’t know if he heard)
  6. There is a DoNER. Why do we need DoNER if we already have the NEC?
  7. Recently there was a conference of Hgh Court judges, presided by CJI. What particularly did CJI say about reforming the judiciary?
  8. Reforms in the criminal law?
  9. Long monologue again on justice and judiciary. Finally asked suggestion by the executive for reducing pendency in civil cases.

Chairperson: Your interview is now over. Is there anything you’d like us to ask that we haven’t covered already?

The interview must have been around 25-30 minutes. Questions revolved around my DAF and current affairs. Largely conversational. (Pardon me for I am not able to recall all the questions.)

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