[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #204 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Geography Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 25th April 2022
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: Geography
Background: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. B.Sc. (MPC), M.A in IR (JNU), M.phil & Ph.D (continuing) (DU) CSE 2020 ICAS
Hobbies: umpiring cricket matches and kho- kho
Duration: almost 40 minutes


You were waiting outside long time, do you have tea/coffee? (Sir, I don’t have habit of tea and coffee). It’s good. So, at least u took water? (Yes sir, two small bottles with smile)

  1. You joined in service? You recently entered into government and services, How are u feeling ?
  2. You have GEOGRAPHY as optional and M.A. in International Relations, what do understand by the term Geo-economics? How the current Russia-Ukraine conflict has changed world Geo-economics and especially how it helped India?
  3. What do you understand by Geo-politics, explain how geopolitics changed in current crisis times?
  4. Assam-Meghalaya Border dispute ( continuation of geo-politics discussion in India), basis of this dispute?

Member 1: cool person in the board

  1. Do you support UCC? and counter questions on UCC?
  2. What two changes you want to bring in Guntur, that are not focused yet by government.
  3. What is your personal opinion on Andhra three capital decision?
  4. As a Chief Secretary of AP, How u will convience CM about your opinion on 3 capitals?

Member 2 asked questions more than 10 minutes

  1. Why are there too much controversy over Umpire decisions in cricket, tell some recent controversies ( world cup final & IPL match Rishab Panth incident) was Panth wrong? How to correct it?
  2. What are the differences between India and China approach in Africa?
  3. How African countries thinking about India and China support and which one is good for African Countries?
  4. Has WHO failed in COVID-19?
  5. WHO also failed in vaccine distribution to African countries. What it has done for vaccine delivery to African countries? How WHO and other developed countries should correct it? (This Discussion went around 4-5 minutes over covax and GAVI)

Member 3 The member with poker face the one who push into stress

  1. I don’t know much about cricket. Explain me how cricket plays and its basic rules. (I started my answer but after every two sentences he tried to confuse me and ask counter question on my previous statement like what is innings, what is test match, etc….basically he want to put me in stress zone)
  2. Why after graduation you have two years gap before joining M.A. in JNU?
  3. You played KHO-KHO INTER DISTRICT, I don’t know much about KHO-KHO, Explain me how kHO-KHO plays and its rules (same scene repeated in his first question)
  4. Baseball also similar to cricket, explain me its rules. ( Devudaa, ekkada konchem ekkuva avutundi (inner voice in telugu ). Finally, I showed white flag by saying sorry sir, I don’t know). Every one in room laughed 😄 loudly

Member 4 : she waiting for her turn with long list of questions

  1. Almost u have covered everything in Academics like B.Sc, M.A., M.Phil & Now Ph.D and also ur in account service, how ur research experience helps in account service perhaps in civil services.
  2. National Hydrogen policy (I said sorry ma’am, I’m unable recall exact provisions and i will read about it). Still, if u feel comfort, I want to ask some question on this? ( Ma’am, I don’t want to bluff, so I’m not comfortable on this area).

Chairman sir interrupted  and said that he is pro in IR, with big smile on his face.

  1. Falkland issue again came into NEWS. WHY? (TODAY NEWSPAPER)
  2. What are ur service preferences? Why IFS FIRST? ( I said my academic background aligns mostly to IFS and I put my last 5 years of energy in IR as a part of my HIGHER EDUCATION and now by giving IFS AS FIRST choice, I’m searching for opportunity where I can utilise my knowledge of specialisation to protect country interest in foreign land and foreign policy and give back society in better manner and also it helps in my career growth) Member countered my answer by

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