[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #206 : RN Choubey Board, Telangana Home State

Date of Interview: 5 May 2022
Board: RN Chaubey
Home State: Telangana
Background: (IIT Roorkee,  Geophysics)
Optional: Nothing
Hobbies: Nothing at all (was very hopeful here)
Utility of Mocks: Helpful in framing answer quickly,  and for experience of a formal setup

Interview- Mostly Graduation based (Felt too technical to my liking)


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What 2 things you can think of from PPP
  3. What is Purchasing Power Parity
  4. What is Dollar to INR in PPP
  5. What are the issues faced by Private sector in PPP
  6. Is changing to Revenue Sharing model bad ?

Member 1

  1. What are the issues Telangana facing after Separation?
  2. Was SRC wrong in clubbing Telangana and AP on language basis? (Some more Qs about TS. Don’t remember)
  3. What is Zero gravity?
  4. Which place has Zero gravity on earth?

Member 2

  1. National Institute of Hydrology in IIT Roorkee came up with a new model for ground water rejuvenation. Tell me the specifics of it.
  2. What is Namami Gange?
  3. What are the 12 parameters in Namami Gange Program?
  4. Some other IIT Roorkee initiative
  5. What is the most sophisticated equipment we use in Earthquake analysis now?

Member 3

  1. Can we use Geology and Geophysics in identifying Net crop sown, Cropping patterns etc
  2. How do you do it?
  3. Which softwares do we use?
  4. How much time does the processing and analysis take ?
  5. How to expedite that?
  6. Which country is using mining data to good use? What is the status of India in it?
  7. What are the differences between NBFC and SFB, who regulates them?

Member 4

  1. How does gravity change when we go deep into the earth?
  2. What happens when we go to high altitude?
  3. Does mass change with place?
  4. What is the Inflation today?
  5. What are the measures to control inflation?
  6. How does increasing repo rate control inflation?

Chairman- Thank you. Would you like to share anything?

Best Wishes to everyone 👍

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