[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #207 : Manoj Soni Board, Sociology Optional,

Date of Interview: 5/5/2022 Afternoon session (Last to go)
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Optional: Sociology
Background: Mechanical engineering (No Single Question)
Hobbies: Working on local environmental and social issues, Shayari writing (Lot of questions on hobbies)

Your experience in interview- Board asked sometimes counter question (however Soni Sir observes very closely) Overall good experience

Utility of mocks (if any)- Next IAS and Chanakya Mandal acted good for me

(Not allowed to remove mask and hand gloves. He says shield is optional as per your convenience )


  1. Greeted me and asked u waiting for long so what you were doing
  2. Mentioned another Mechanical Engineering is there but didn’t asked single question
  3. Long monologue about crisis provide new opportunity and asked how world and India got new opportunity by covid 19 crisis
  4. 5 trillion economy – Asked me write on paper with big letters and show everyone (then asked number of zero – Sambit Patra Style)
  5. Whether india can achieve 5 trillion?
  6. Current status?
  7. Then steps taken?
  8. Your favourite shayar?

Member 1 

  1. What works you have done on local environmental and social issues?
  2. Modus operandi of work?
  3. Asked what I did in covid crisis at my village?
  4. Role of grampanchayat in that ?
  5. Devdasi system we discussed
  6. Then asked to recite my Shayari.. (Everyone were happy after listening)
  7. Where do I stay (Mostly in my village)

Member 2

  1. Again asked about environmental issues on which I work
  2. Asked about net forest?
  3. Carbon neutrality by 2070?what it mean?
  4. Steps taken by India in this regard?
  5. India’s steps as vaccine Maitri bad or good?
  6. How’s india’s relation with Sri Lanka?
  7. How world responses to Pokharan II Test?
  8. Sanctions on India for this?
  9. PM during this period?

Member 3

  1. Asked hindi shayar who was English department head?
  2. Black vs green water
  3. Difference between community and society?
  4. Durkheim theory regarding it?
  5. Then about suicide theory and it’s relation to above mentioned theory?
  6. Five Social evils u wanted to remove from society?
  7. (he added corruption to my list)

Member 4

  1. Started with vaccine Maitri asked vasudhaiva kutumbakam and from where we have taken this
  2. Asked full quotation (few other lines are there)
  3. Whether India followed it with the china?
  4. 2)Monologue on Ahimsa parmo dharma
  5. Then asked whether we are following it or not?
  6. Then asked somebody with knife attacking? Will you still follow?
  7. 4)Asked about  there should be presidential democracy in India? My opinion?
  8. 5)What is Vishwakarma? It’s Pouranic relation?
  9. (Few questions asked by every panel member lost at its place, so can’t memorise)

Chairman Greeted for better future and healthy life. Your interview is over.

(Interview last around 28- 30 minutes.)

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