[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #209 : RN CHOUBEY Board, Mathematics Optional, Andhra Pradesh Home State

Date of Interview: 5th May afternoon
Optional: Mathematics
Home State: Andhra Pradesh
Background: State University college in Andhra (JNTUK) Electrical background
Profession: Working in PSU ONGC
Hobbies: Not asked

Your experience in interview- Felt like one of the mock interview
Utility of mocks- Few questions asked in mocks

Chairman: Explained the process only, no questions from chairman

Member 1

  1. Disaster management in offshore (Job related)
  2. KG basin present and future prospects (company related)
  3. What is new oil
  4. Why data is called new oil
  5. Issue between ONGC and RIL in KG basin

Member 2rn_

  1. Electrode used in ECG and EEG device (Electrical background)
  2. Future of Electrical and electronics field
  3. Percentage of bio-methane/bio gas blending in Natural gas

Member 3

  1. Transformers importing from foreign countries why domestically not producing (Electrical)
  2. AP bifurcation –Did Andhra people go back to AP from Telangana after bifurcation
  3. Why GOI prevented ONGC in acquiring PawanHans shares?

Member 4

  1. Favourite subject in optional (optional maths)
  2. Application of ODE
  3. Asked about Work experience
  4. How graduation knowledge helps in discharging duties
  5. Internal security issues of INDIA
  6. LWE in Andhra Pradesh and measures taken by state govt

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