[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #210 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Delhi Home State, History Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 28 April 2022
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: History
Home State: Delhi
Background: Civil Engg, MDU, Rohtak
Hobby: playing cricket

I entered and greeted the board. Chairman asked me to sit . no intro asked or opening remarks. First one to go in afternoon session


  1. -what is UAV ?
  2. – difference between UAV and drone ?
  3. – application of drones in civil engg
  4. – applications of drones in administration
  5. Few more questions that i dont remember from chairman

Member 1

  1. – chipko movement? What was it ? Who led it ? What happened exactly in delhi similar to chipko movement ?
  2. – issue of encroachment and slums in delhi ? Causes and solutions?
  3. – how are trees taken care of while doing any construction in delhi ? There is a specific technique apart from transplantation.. What is it ?
  4. – which section is ur favorite in history.? one famous personality from history? Why?
  5. – personality from modern history famous for work towards environment? What exactly was done ?
  6. – what were you doing exactly after graduation ? A few follow ups on each question . few more questions that i dont remember .

Member 2

  1. -Space weaponisation? Which country is/are trying ? Are they allowed ?
  2. -Facial recognition technology? Applications in administration? How to balance right to privacy with it?
  3. Few follow ups on each

Member 3

  1. -Purpose of showing tanks,missiles , ammunitions on republic day? Should we do this or not and why ?
  2. I said yes.
  3. Follow up questions on same like why should we show imported items too.?
  4. – which places in delhi u haven’t visited ? Few follow ups(most detailed part of this members discussion)
  5. – impressive female personality from history ? I told from modern.. He said go back about 800 yrs ..

Member 4

  1. – various dance forms and some questions related to intricacies of dance forms that i dont remember.
  2. – Farm bills were rolled back? Why? Folow ups
  3. -What you would have done to gain support of farming community if u were a DM of a remote village ?
  4. – questions about a gap in my schooling.. Follow ups..
  5. – questions about my father’s profession but stopped in between.. May be the time issue ..

Chairman said thank you .. U can go .

Cordial interview
Most members were smiling
Didnt feel like any grilling
Less based on knowledge and more on opinion based analysis

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