[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #211 : Smita Nagraj Board, History Optional, Reading Hobby

Date of Interview: 02 May, afternoon
Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: History
Background: Shri Ram College of Commerce
Profession (if any)- IRPS
Hobby: Book Reading

Utility of mocks (if any)- good for practice, idea of questions from Daf, minor fine tuning, Nothing More.


  1. Asked where are you posted these days, how many person with you in training. (just to let me get comfortable)
  2. Named some reasons behind corruption. How will you solve these issues? (gave some points)
  3. Is this not going on?
  4. Which reason of corruption according to you is most important (said red tapism)
  5. What is red tapism?
  6. Have you faced corruption? (talked about my experience)

Member 1

  1. You belong to small town, how was your locality, rural or urban?
  2. Why Patiyali is famous? (town in my district, birthplace of Amir Khusrau)
  3. Despite being birthplace of Amir Khusrau, why it’s not developed?
  4. What are biofuels?
  5. India grows and export a lot of rice. What is the problem in that, with respect to climate change?

Member 2

  1. India is growing economically, but is it not jobless growth?
  2. What is the railway university that’s coming in Vadodara?
  3. Lot of South Asian and South East Asian countries have better socioeconomic indicators than India? How do you see this?

Member 3

  1. Do you follow table tennis, what was the incident between Manika Batra and her coach during Tokyo Olympics?
  2. What is crony capitalism?
  3. Work from home culture? What is its future, is it good?
  4. What type of books you have read? (book reading my hobby)
  5. What books you have read on history?
  6. Why you opted for history, despite being commerce graduate?
  7. Who are subaltern historians? Have you ever read any book written by subaltern historians?
  8. Why IPL viewership is declining?

Member 4

  1. What is the govt target for tuberculosis?
  2. What are the problems in TB program?
  3. How will you solve these issues?

Chairperson – your interview is over

It went for about 25 minutes. Plain and simple, few hiccups in between, rest fine. Nothing unusual except light went off once.

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