[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #221 : Manoj soni Board, Jharkhand Home State, Geography Optional

Date of Interview: 6 May afternoon
Board: Manoj soni
Home state:  Jharkhand
Optional: Geography
Background: Chemical engineering
Hobby: Reading Books


  1. Hydrogen fuel status
  2. Manufacturing method of hydrogen fuel
  3. Place u want to visit in the world and how will u spend 24 hrs. If u r given ample power by the almighty god.

Member 1

  1. New education policy
  2. Jharkhand potential and challenges
  3. Witch hunting related questions(2-3)

Member 2

  1. What r u doing after passing out from college?
  2. GHGs
  3. Rank of india in ghg emission
  4. India’s initiatives to tackle climate change

Member 3

  1. School related question
  2. Sri lanka crisis
  3. Preamble amendability
  4. Basic structure of constitution
  5. Diary writing and threat to privacy

Member 4

  1. Why the region is known as chhota nagpur
  2. Area of chhota nagpur
  3. Soft power of india
  4. Things from jharkhand u want to promote at global level.
  5. Recently studied book (hobby)

and its theme.

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