[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #229 : Smita Nagraj Board, PSIR Optional, Chess Hobby

Date of Interview:  9 May
Board: Smita Nagraj Ma’am
Optional: PSIR
Background: B.tech (Industrial)
Work Ex: Part time at Agro based Startup, Internship at Food Park
Hobbies: Chess

Time:  40 min approx, last one to go

Utility of Mock –  I believe it helps a lot. Even if we don’t realise, our performance improves.Entered with mask only ( kept throughout the interview) , wished the members.
Are u in Army? Said no madam.
Then why are you are standing in attention position, relax and sit down?


  1. You passed out in 2019 , yet u worked for 3 yrs without remuneration during college ( in a Start up ) – tell us something about it.
  2. Your role in the Start up?
  3. Explain business model?
  4. What is it doing presently?
  5. More follow up questions on it.
  6. What are you  doing at present?
  7. Where were you more free – startup or family business?

Member 1

  1. You play Chess, what are your learning or positives of playing chess?
  2. Any negative effect of playing chess?
  3. How has covid affected your startup?

Member 2

  1. How will you use Supply Chain knowledge to address the disruptions of SC we have seen after Covid?
  2. What is Gati Shakti?
  3. How will it help us?
  4. What changes you would suggest in it?

Member 3

  1. Food wastage is major problem – What to do to address it?
  2. Vehical Scrappage – years and km dual condition what is it?
  3. Is it justified, what’s your opinion?
  4. Why not followed for Armed forces vehicals?

Member 4

  1. Food parks have not succeeded, why reasons?
  2. Don’t u think – raw material availablity, labour etc are also the reasons?
  3. Why rouble is not falling despite sanctions
  4. CPEC – India’s stance,
  5. What Infra projects are there in it
  6. Status and why it is not successful?
  7. Do u know any hydroelectric projects of CPEC?


  1. You talked about debt trap diplomacy. If India has that amount of money as China, should we too do it?
  2. But we are giving loan to countries even now. What’s the difference.
  3. I said something like India’s aim while giving debt is primarily development of other nations , eg our neighborhood…
  4. Madam laughed a little and said our neighbors would want to disagree with you on that.

Thank you your  interview is over

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