[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #232 : Manoj Soni Board, Mathematics Optional, Chess, Teaching & Mentoring Hobbies

Date of Interview: 10 may, 7th to go
Board: Manoj Soni
Background: Chemical engg, IIT Delhi
Optional: Mathematics
Hobbies: Chess, Teaching & Mentoring, NSS

Mock utility : etiquettes, courage to face big pipal, diverse questions from DAF. 2 question repeated here.

Soni sir looks very carefully, but not with compassion rather than feeling of contempt and shock.

Methodology of writing : Question asked (my answers to them)


  1. Remove your face shield, and mask. Showed me my photo, I want to confirm your identity.
  2. Why no spectacles in photo?
  3. What are 3 lists in the constitution. (Done, but forgot to mention sch 7th & 246 names🥲)
  4. Name some entries. (Done, but only 1 for concurrent)
  5. You did not mention, agriculture? (I said its in state list)
  6. Tell me how centre passed farm laws, if agri is state subject? (I said entry in concurrent list like inter trade, not recalling exact entry sorry sir)
  7. Ok, then how other 2 laws then? (Contract farming, same as above)
  8. What if tussle between state and centre on concurrent? (Said article 254)
  9. How did to make transition from chemical engg to maths, is it because of deep interest developed during college? (Told not college but class 10, and helped me in JEE also, wanted to say more but he diverted)

Member 1

  1. What is your view on B.tech in regional languages? ( agreed and justified)
  2. No, I am asking for Btech? (Agreed)
  3. How could feel if you were to study chemical in Hindi? (I said I was more comfortable in English, would have faced difficulty)
  4. How can local languages help?
  5. Isn’t it difficult to develop infra wrt this? (Yes, but will increase inclusivity, and language is just a medium, final end is knowledge)
  6. Can South Indian languages be clubbed in one group? (No)
  7. Do you know, Bodo language in listed in schedule (agreed)
  8. How will be your approach to develop Computer science course in Bodo language? (Told)
  9. Do you know what is Elo rating? (Explained, what & how)
  10. It means that higher rated player will also beat lower rated player, right? (Countered by Ramesh babu pragnanda)

Member 2

  1. Compare west and India in health facilities and response to covid? (Casualties and budget)
  2. No I am not talking about budget? Tell some other things. ( I tried)
  3. How did India respond, elaborate? (Both positive and negatives given)
  4. Why there is resistance to new medicines? (Testing procedure & safety)
  5. What is vaccine diplomacy? (Layman explanation, but was expecting technical words)
  6. Don’t you think exporting vaccine at the time, when Indians were suffering is bad? (Said balancing the act)
  7. Some questions & answer I don’t remember, because I got distracted in between by Soni sir’s look
  8. I under pressure, because I knew i am not doing good and marks would have been decided by now

Member 3

  1. What is mathematical model? (Explained with examples : weather forecast, taxation, covid)
  2. If you made DM, how will you use it to solve social problems? (Son meta preference, stubble burning, water table — tried to take them to my home state, but they are smart)
  3. You just said, karnal is rice bowl of India? But I know Chattisgarh is. (Tried to explain why)
  4. If you are DM, how will you resolve tussle between state and centre on concurrent item? (Constitutional and legal guidance)
  5. You will not consider local leaders? (I said will persuade in accordance with above)

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