[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #235 : Smita Nagaraj Board, Law Optional, Reading hobby

Date of Interview: 10 MAY
Optional: LAW
Profession: (if any)- LAWYER IN SUPREME COURT and DELHI HC
Hobbies: Reading Constitutional Law Judgements


  1. Inquired about Law Firm Job in Corporate, Investment and Securities Law and reason why I left handsomely paid jobs.
  2. Practicing independently or under a Senior Counsel?
  3. Asked about the PIL filed for Persecuted Hindu Community from Pakistan living in Jaipur
  4. Elicited view on Bulldozer Jurisprudence and what happened in Court No. 3, last day, where I was present.

Member 1

  1. Judicial Activism – Positives and Negatives.
  2. 5 Judgments where Activism harmed the balance of Separation of Powers.
  3. Steps to Correct the same.
  4. Questioned on the work of Child Welfare Committees, CARA and FIR filed against perpetrators of Crime against Minors.

Member 2

  1. Steps to create conducive ecosystem for Children
  2. As a DM measures to improve the Child rights.
  3. Judicial Delays, Prison Reforms, ADR
  4. Don’t you think Executive showing laxity therefore so many PILs
  5. Don’t you think Judges are at fault hiding lack of efficiency in disposal of cases as independence of Judiciary.

Member 3

  1. Opinion on Marital Rape and legislative intervention required.
  2. Difference between Direct and Indirect Democracy
  3. Tracing the evolution of Democracy.
  4. Some more questions on Women rights.

Member 4

  1. IBC and EoDB
  2. Improving the Specific performance of Contracts.
  3. Suitability of UCC
  4. What about socially obnoxious practices in religions?
  5. Issues with Fast Track Courts and reforms required.

Overall cordial boards. Checks the way one formulate their reply. My advice – Keep calm and composed, it’s rewarding.

All the Best!

Your experience in interview-

Reflected mocks and little bit court grillings which my profession ably provides. Helped in controlling stress situations and formulate answers on feet.

Utility of mocks (if any)- Gave 9 Mocks. It guided in the choice and selections of appropriate words, phrases. Developed sitting etiquettes.

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