[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #238 : Smita Nagaraj Board, Philosophy Optional, Cooking, Watching F1 Racing Hobbies

Date of Interview: 02/05/2022 1:00 pm(Around 30 mins)
Board: Smita Nagaraj
Optional: Philosophy
Background: Btech(EC ) From AMU, Worked in BEL, Currently in Indian Railway through ESE-2014
Hobbies: Cooking, Watching F1 Racing, Aircraft Enthusiast

Chairperson ( Around 8 min)

  1. Serving railways for long, why CS? Loss of engineer to railway? Discussion on this for 2-3 min
  2. Need of Space exploration. Cross question 2-3 min
  3. Mars colonization, need, in the end every celestial body will be doomed, the why to colonize. Discussion on this. Name few islands still colonized by states.
  4. Whether we can colonize Mars? Answer in Yes or No only

Member 1 (Around 4 mins)

  1. Why Formula 1 called as Formula 1?
  2. Current F1 champion?
  3. Defence warfare
  4. What are offensive warfares?
  5. Role of electronics in Aircraft. Discussion on electronics and avionics.

Member 2 (Around 5-6 mins)

  1. You have covered different unrelated fields in your life like BTech(ECE), Philosophy, defence, Railways, cooking, Aircraft, Formula 1. How and Why?
  2. Why no F1 race in Noida circuit? I explained the entire issue. Why government want to tax F1 more, what could be done . Discussion related to tax and negotiation for 2 mins
  3. What I do as aircraft enthusiast. Around 1 min
  4. Asked me commissioning year of F17and C17? Said no to this.

Member 3 (2-3 min)

  1. He told that he will be asking from different domain and only 1 question.
  2. Tamil Nadu VC appointment issue(Current working in TamilNadu state)
  3. Discussion for 2-3 mins. He was satisfied.

Member 4 (around 8-10 mins)

  1. Started with Tamil nadu VC issue. Discussion for 2-3 min minutes. I explained with centre-state issue, NEET,CUET, Governor holding bill for presidential assent. I told everything very clearly but he was searching something else. He was not satisfied.
  2. Asked me about my published paper on 4G, its relevance in 5G era. Its impact factor(I told not remember the impact factor)
  3. Other journals with high impact factor. I told IEEE and IETE.
  4. He mentioned nature and science and asked impact factor. I asked for a guess. My guess was almost the exact impact factor.
  5. Why farmer status is very poor. Reasons and solutions.
  6. Another technical name for post harvest. Said no(Ans. Is secondary Agriculture)
  7. What is Apiculture? Asked him to make a guess. Bingo. What is Colony collapse disorder ?
  8. Except agriculture question, more or less everything is from DAF or engineering.

Chairman: No further question, your interview is over.

Overall cordial board and interview was good. Chairperson and M4 was continuously responding , smiling and nodding. M1&M2, no expression but continuously making eye contact. M3 was not at all interested.


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