[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #239 : Manoj Soni  Board, Geography Optional, Quora, Mentoring Hobbies

Date of Interview: 11/05/2022
Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: Geography
Background: B.Tech ECE, Worked in Wipro
Hobbies: Reading Quora , Mentoring students , Watching Malayalam Political satire


  1. What have you been doing since you passed college .?
  2. So you left work to prepare for UPSC .?
  3. How long have you been watching Malayalam political satire( DAF based -only one)
  4. What is surgical strike ., where did India conduct surgical strike , why did India conduct surgical strike .?Why its called surgical strike  .? Tell me exact year
  5. Are you sure India conducted surgical strike in Myanmar .?
  6. What is invasion .?Is Russia invading Ukraine ?
  7. can surgical strike be called Invasion .?
  8. -Mentioned POK was considered to be Indian territory
  9. Any other reason .?
  10. Technology used in surgical strike.?
  11. Why has India done Aerial strike , motive for it .?
  12. Spirituality vs Religion.?
  13. World bank report on countries having highest net worth -Name 5 ( i asked him if he meant GDP – he was not . Did not understand question)
  14. What is data privacy ? Should it be absolute ..?
  15. What can be done .?
  16. Which is absolute authority according to constitution ? -Parliament or Supreme court or Executive
  17. -I went with check and balance system , with Supreme court being interpreter
  18. -Member helped me to reach answer -” We people of INDIA  …..”
  19. Kerala has huge migration to outside …. (long monologue  ..) .Is Kerala model sustainable .?.
  20. What has happened to remittance income ..?( meant COVID -19)
  21. Any exact data ? Current status ..?
  22. What is being done for this ..solution.?
  23. Is there any neighbouring country who was impacted by fall in remittance ?
  24. What is string of pearls .?
  25. Was Hambantota a military strategy by china or merely financial investment .?
  26. What is SDG goals .? Name 5
  27. Do you think common target for all is good idea .?
  28. What is India current position..?
  29. Why statue of unity is called so .?
  30. Where is it located  .?
  31. Is kevadia a district .?
  32. Seasons in India
  33. Why Land slides are happening in Himalaya (promoted for more and more reasons )
  34. Solutions
  35. Sustainable mining ..? can it be a solution for Landslides
  36. Technology used for Sustainable mining ..?( There was a long monologue on issues with use of dynamite before asking question)

-Some other questions I can not remember

– Overall: static topics , nothing from DAF , i did not feel any question related to current affairs were asked ( Sri Lanka was asked in 2 questions)

– Slightly Grilling experience

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