[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #25 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Delhi Home State, Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Background: B.com (H)
Optional: Commerce & Accountancy
Home State: Delhi
Work experience: under Training in BHEL (Finance Division)


  1. What did you do after completing b.com in 2017?
  2. Recent MPC meet is scheduled. Why hasn’t the govt changed the repo rate for last 11 months. MPC formation and related questions. What is current repo rate?
  3. Rationale of Navratnas, Maharatna categorisation.
  4. NPAs, what steps by govt for correction.
  5. What is corporate gov. Recent policy changes by govt. in CG
  6. Blockchain Strategy of India. 3 areas the strategy covers.
  7. Carbon dating. Carbon Pricing.
  8. Is AUKUS formation to counter China in Indo-pacific.

Member 1

  1. My internship at CMO
  2. What life lessons I learned there?
  3. Name all Navratnas.
  4. Who owns US forex reserves.
  5. Minimalism, Inspirational interviews (my hobby)

Member 2

  1. Ballot vs EVM. Which is better for India? Few questions on VVPAT.
  2. 2.Difference and similarities  between yoga and meditation (part of my hobby).
  3. Privatisation of PSUs

Member 3

  1. Continued with NPAs, shifted to ARCs. Counter question on utility of ARCs.
  2. Why RBI wants to maintain liquidity. Tools of doing that.
  3. Why to appoint women independent candidates on company boards.
  4. Why RBI is reluctant to legalise cryptocurrency.
  5. Has india lagged in taking advantage of CDM

Member 4

  1. Societal Patriarchy. Examples you have seen.
  2. Similarities in SL and Pak issues in news. How it will impact India.
  3. Role of communication in policy making- planning and implementation.

Chairman: What are Principles of Natural Justice.

(There were few other questions on Environment and Economy that I don’t recall)

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