[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #35 : TCA Anant Board, Geography Optional,

Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Geography
Background: Civil engineering
Work experience: NHAI project
Hobbies: Kitchen gardening,  listening to Sufi music, numismatics


  1. Job-related ( civil engineer) related questions.
    Numismatics (hobby ) , asked to explain, what unique thing you’ve learned out of it. So many questions followed.
    Take on college politics? Good or bad ( follow up questions on that )

Panel Members

  1. Again related to Numismatics . Asked about cryptocurrency and regulations. Also who issues coins in India?
  2. Today it is motherhood day. I didn’t know. So many questions related to that. Why it’s celebrated ?
  3. Type of vaccines that a child needs to take?
  4. Pre natal and post natal care ?
  5. Why civil service after civil engineering? Will it create a shortage of engineers ?
  6. Why Kerala is underdeveloped compared to other South Indian states? Reasons and way forward
  7. Asked me how to inculcate interest to learn maths ? Asked about Pythagoras theorem. How ancient Indians found the diameter of the Earth.
  8. Asked questions on kitchen gardening? Like how was it done ,plants cultivated

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