[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #46 : TCA Anant Board, Delhi Home State, Mathematics Optional, cricket and travelling Hobbies

Date of Interview: 8th april
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Mathematics
Home State: Delhi
Background:  B.tech it previously data analyst currently mea aso
Hobbies: cricket and travelling


  1. why u chose maths as optional
  2. why many students dont take it as optional
  3. ur job as aso in mea
  4. many questions on my current project

Member 1

  1. issue of congestion and slum development in delhi
  2. schemes related to above issue
  3. rank – honesty, integrity and work orientation
  4. reason for 3.

Member 2

  1. how will u choose ur subordinate if u have 2 options (follow up of 3 and 4 of m1)
  2. reason for choosing above
  3. why travelling
  4. where travelled last time
  5. formulate plan for uttarakhand if made tourism minister

Member 3

  1. farms bills. what why
  2. do we need them. my views
  3. constitutional aspect of farm bills
  4. privatization good or bad. my views
  5. what are strategic sectors

Member 4

  1. is tourism policy failure
  2. is ipl subjugating other sports
  3. is ipl not producing fast bowlers


  1. why haldighati called haldighati
  2. its historical significance
  3. why war fought here
  4. its economic significance

erisms and inculcating proper articulation.

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