[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #53 : TCA Anant Board, Gujarat Home State, Gujarati literature Optional, Volleyball Hobby

Date of Interview: 12/04/22 Afternoon session
Board: TCA Anant sir
Optional: Gujarati literature
Home State: Gujarat
Background: B. Tech in mechanical from svnit
Work ex: Energy analyst (Trading in oil)
Hobby: Volleyball


  1. Chairman was very cordial asked me to remove mask
  2. Started reading my daf and asked me about my job
  3. What impacts oil prices
  4. Asked about Brent oil and why it was benchmark
  5. Asked about different oil like wti
  6. About my role as welfare secretary in college (mentioned in daf)

Member 1

  1. ( He was a lot intrested in trading)
  2. Lot of questions on trading
  3. Impact of Ukraine war on oil prices
  4. You like Playing TT( hobby)and volleyball ( mentioned in team sports) how they are different

Member 2

  1.  What is flexi fuel vehicle
  2.  Impact of ethanol blending on performance of engine
  3. Why JNV were created (schooling in jnv)
  4. How they are different from kV
  5. How will new education policy benefit jnv
  6. Few questions on coding ( mentioned in previous answer)
  7. How jnv is different from state board school
  8. Why Gujarati literature as optional

Member 3

  1. Long story about Gujarat
  2. Why there are few civil servants from Gujarat
  3. Name few prominent civil servants from Gujarat
  4. Role of hasmukh  adhia
  5. Again long story on diffrence between Gujarat and Nagaland
  6. How will you improve administration in Nagaland
  7. Issue about insurgency
  8. How much investment has vibrant Gujarat brought
  9. Which area is backward in Gujarat why so how can you improve
  10. Why tribal areas are backward

Member 4

  1. Relation between crude oil price and product price and few counter questions
  2. Long story on oil prices
  3. But why consumption is not declining
  4. Why vehicle registration is increasing

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