[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #55 : TCA Anant Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, History Optional, Meditation, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 12th April, afternoon
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: History
Background: Ece engineer, IIIT Allahabad
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Hobbies: Cricket, football, meditation


  1. No intro directly read my bio and asked -Why left the job?
  2. What exactly my job entailed?
  3. Football and cricket – had similar trajectories but why cricket is now more famous?
  4. My positions in cricket and football team?
  5. Most important position according to me on football team?

Member 2

  1. How are number impacting sports – role of data science?
  2. Is data science relevant in governance in country like india?
  3. You practically worked ‘ in ‘ US for 2.5 years..how was this virtual expereince for you?
  4. Difference in work cultures that you feel?
  5. Why is allahabad relevant in terms of civil services?

Member 3

  1. Long monologue reagrding machines..overall is automation good?
  2. Another long monologue..leading to factual questions..
  3. Was burma ever part of india? When seperated?
  4. How it was incorporated – timeline?
  5. Why is gwalior important? What is it currently famous for other than scindhias?

Member 4

  1. Do the terminologies of modern medieval and ancient vary with country or are they universally applicant?
  2. 3 historical events as breakthrough events in indian history?
  3. Why 1857 famous apart from revolt aspects?

Member 5

  1. A megapark or facilty coming up in gwalior regarding disabled..do you know?
  2. Why need of rights of person with disblities act when article 14,15 already there?
  3. How on average disbled educational outcomes greater than able bodied students?
  4. Why paralympics medal greater than olympics?
  5. Name a paralampian administrator.
  6. Why mainpuri famous?
  7. Lack of experimental learning in schools..your views.
  8. Are we doing something in this regard?
  9. Is credit based exit entry system good?
  10. Why interaction of different streams in education?
  11. Is it practically  possible for a person to be a musician and a mathematician at the same time?

Overall a very very cordial board. My suggestion would be to have a little relaxed mindset so as to let yourself think freely.

Due to paucity of time had given only 1 mock and hence cannot accurately comment on the effectiveness.

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