[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #56 : TCA Anant Board, Jharkhand Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 12/04/2022 Afternoon
Board: TCA Anant sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Jharkhand
Background: B.E. Mechanical, BIT Mesra
Hobby: Football,
Work Exp: 32 months at Maruti Suzuki


  1. Can take off the mask and the shield
  2. Why you left Maruti Suzuki
  3. Difference between petrol engine and diesel engine
  4. Why Maruti discontinued diesel engines

Member 1

  1. Why want to join civil service after 3 years corporate experience
  2. Difference in work profile in public and private sector
  3. Why jharkhand is less developed
  4. Scope of sustainable mining
  5. Ways to reduce naxalism
  6. Switch to renewal energy and its impact on naxal financing (reducing coal reduces rent seeking by naxals)
  7. Why we want to phase down coal and not phase out (from my previous answer)

Member 2

  1. Impact of ethanol blending in petrol engine
  2. Issues with 30percent ethanol blending
  3. How Brazil is operating 100percent ethanol fuel
  4. How ethanol will affect food security
  5. Question on achievement award for engine durability (from daf)

Member 3

  1. Why psir
  2. Impact of Russia Ukraine on India
  3. How will world powers realignment take place (answered both in short term and long term)
  4. Will a russia china India axis develop against west
  5. Why India is a member of SCO, BRICS
  6. Why USA actions in the past have not been scrutinised in the same way as Russia

Member 4

  1. Why usa is worried of Russia, if it is a declining power
  2. How to reconcile Quad and SCO membership for India (from my previous answer)
  3. What can the solution of ending Russia ukraine war
  4. Unique features of Japanese work culture (from daf)

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