[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #6 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Haryana Home State, Sociology Optional

Board: Bharat Bhusan Vyas sir
Optional: Sociology
Background: B.tech: Mechanical engineering
Home State:  Haryana (GGN)
Work ex: taxation department


  1. Meaning of name then counter questions on meaning itself.. (this made all members cordial except member 2)
  2. Asked question abt GST, VAT, Sales tax [as I am working in GST department and sir told me that he has also worked in VAT]
  3. Excluded items from GST
  4. Should these items be brought under GST?
  5. Recent 3 changes in Gst ?
  6. difference between accuracy and reliability( from sociology)
  7. Poverty definition
  8. is poverty just economic aspects?
  9. Measurement of poverty means?

Member 1

(Gave a long monologue abt tribals in India)

  1. Took cue from poverty definition and asked about exclusion and inclusion w.r.t. scheduled tribes.
  2. Tribals should be left untouched as this would prevent there culture from external influence. Asked my views on this?

Member 2

(was constantly staring at my hand and shoes the whole time.. .probably a psychologist… 😀)

  1. Asked about economic effect of Ukraine-Russia war on India?
  2. Some counter questions regarding crude oil price from Russia w.r.t. other sources of crude oil of India

Member 3

  1. Asked about precision vs. Accuracy? (Didn’t know)
  2. Few factual current affairs e.g. meghdhoot.. (did not know)
  3. Corona effects on vulnerable sections?
  4. how to bring normalcy in such sections.. made me IAS of my home state.. then what steps would you take? (though my first choice was IPS.. probably did not read my DAF)

Member 4

  1. About Customs duty uses? (I deliberately brought in India-Australia FTA In this answer)
  2. Why should we not go for FTA with other nations as well as this would reduce custom duty and eliminate tarriff barriers altogether?
  3. some counter questions? (I Handled these effectively using facts)

Chairman: Interview is over

  1. My Experience and observations: Surprised as NO question asked on Hobbies, Home state, IPS as first choice …
  2. Overall board was cordial and chairman tried to make the atmosphere peaceful initially.
  3. My observation is that the DAF was not read properly (or at all) because as soon as the previous candidate left I was called in (within seconds) … asked about where i work.. and questions started from there and revolved around job and then basic optional knowledge(sociology)
  4. Main observation: “A lot of Supplementary Questions were asked based on the answers i gave”

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