[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #65 : TCA Anant Board, Geography Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 12th April, Forenoon Session
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Geography
Background: NIT Warangal, ECE
Employee: Ex Software, Currently in SEBI
Hobbies: Playing and Watching Cricket

Your experience in interview- it was very cordial, mostly analytical based questions were asked.


Read my DAF briefly and asked me to remove the mask.

  1. Tell me what u do at SEBI
  2. What are the tools or process you use in enforcement
  3. What kind of violations sebi will normally penalise
  4. Difference between diagorcement order and penalty
  5. Famous insider case in USA? Tell the person’s name
  6. Will the act of Rajaratnam amount to insider
  7. Who will be consider as insider

 Member 1

  1. Paytm share price fell from 2000 to 500,Why it fell in short span of time and What SEBI should have done in this?
  2. Should SEBI has a say/role in valuation of a company.
  3. Electronics communication technology in geographical advancement
  4. Tell me three important technologies on which mobile was deleveloped
  5. What is cell in cellular technology

 Member 2

  1. You could have become stock broker and earn lot of money, why you want to come to civil services
  2. Relevance of bureaucrats in the light of article of Duvvuri Subbarao about IAS.
  3. What is your opinion on that article
  4. What would have been India future if IAS, so called steel frame was not there since independence
  5. Why technology still not able to solve various problems.
  6. What should be done to increase morality in civil servants so that corruption will be curbed
  7. Which company in Andhra dumped investors shares?
  8. Stock market going up? Where as economy is not moving up, what do think, that is hampering the growth.

 Member 3

  1. Why you want to be IAS? Is it so that you can become chairman of SEBI
  2. SEBI is giving more salary than civils, are you comfortable with that.
  3. in the light of technology isn’t India moving towards Unitary system from Federal democracy.
  4. What is the relevance of having offices(SEBI/ RBI/ federal govts) in various locations when all the services will be provided through internet or use of technology.

Member 4

  1. Isn’t it the regular intervention by sebi in the market hampering the growth of corporates
  2. As your subject is geography, what is chicken neck and significance of it to india.

Then chairman said your interview is over.

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