[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #66 : RN. Choubey Board, Telangana Home State, Anthropology Optional,

Date of Interview: 12th April, forenoon session, 3rd to go.
RN. Choubey
Optional: Anthropology
Background: Doctor of pharmacy
Home State: Hyderabad, Telangana

Very cordial, make you feel comfortable and at ease.


You may remove your mask, be at ease, we are like your friends and want to have conversation.

  1. Tell us about yourself, your background, work experience and personality.
  2. As you are a pharmacist, does Ayurveda medicine have pharmacopeia ?
  3. What is ministry of ayush doing to promote ayurvedic pharmacopeia ?
  4. Gave brief idea about power sector challenges in India and asked why is that the demand is high and there’s no adequate power supply to address that demand ?
  5. Some counter questions with respect to power sector.

Member 1

  1. Tell me about covid management in India ?
  2. What are these various models of covid management? India model, china model, Korea model ?
  3. Which one is best model?
  4. Why so?
  5. Why is female labour force participation is less in India ?
  6. What is the condition of FLFP in your state and city?
  7. How to improve it ?
  8. Are there any initiatives taken by Indian govt and Telangana govt for entrepreneurship ?

Member 2

  1. So you are from Hyderabad , place of biryani and charminar (smiled)
  2. Have you heard about euthanasia ?
  3. What is it ? (I referred about Aruna shanbaug case)
  4. What was the verdict of SC in that case ?
  5. What is the difference between active and passive euthanasia ?
  6. What is shayara Bano case ? What is your opinion ?
  7. But parliament has nullified the SC verdict ….?
  8. What are the percentage of people benefitting from Right to education act ?

Member 3

  1. Do you know the commission for linguistic organization formed post-independence?
  2. As it mentioned states to be divided on linguistic lines then why has Telangana been formed on developmental lines ?
  3. What were the reasons for pharmaceutical industry to boom in India during 1970’s ?
  4. What made India to be pharmacy of the world ?
  5. How does present ukrain crisis affecting the Indian pharmaceutical industry ?
  6. You have a very interesting hobby – interacting with elderly people that’s laudable.
  7. Sir gave a brief idea on the affect of inflation affecting elderly savings.
  8. Suggest some investment plans for elderly to save their savings from inflationary affect…

Member 4 

  1. Can you add Dr prefix to your name ?
  2. What is your opinion on the debate of hippocratic oath to be changed to charaka oath ?
  3. As you know generic drugs are cheap and affordable to masses, should government stop supply of brand drugs from market ?
  4. 4.What is your opinion on surrogacy ?
  5. Chairman interrupts and asks me whether there is provision for surrogate mother to visit the child ?
  6. How are patents applied in India for drugs ?


We are done from our side, if there is anything that you would like to say about any topic then you may and we will not ask any questions related to that.
( I spoke about my another hobby)
You may leave now.
Duration of interview 32-35 mins

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