[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #67 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Chandigarh Home State, Sociology Optional

Date of Interview: 13th April , 2022 forenoon session (4th to go)
Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: Sociology
Background: civil engineer
Home State: Chandigarh
1st attempt , no work experience


  1. related to SCO and why was in news
  2. why not go with civil engineering only
  3. when decided you want to go for civil services exam?
  4. civil infra projects in news
  5. highway vs State Highway vs expressway difference
  6. nomenclature change of highways
  7. infiltration issue pb
  8. one border one force meaning and why needed


  1. stubble burning in pb reasons , solns( some counter ques)
  2. swachch Bharat related
  3. why since 70 yrs India still facing basic development issues
  4. civil engineering new innovation– roads , construction field
  5. talked about plastic roads so asked to explain the process
  6. generalist vs specialist question
  7. u want to do specialisation in which fields
  8. Chandigarh issue
  9. soln of chd prblm
  10. crr and slr meaning
  11. meaning of fintech companies
  12. No ques on hobbies , optional, achievement, sports , apart from sco no ques on IR
  13. Belonged to  Chd — but all questions related to Punjab
  14. (They were saying so you are from pb tell us this)

Vyas sir – asked to keep face shield and gloves on,  mask down

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