[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #69 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Psychology Optional

Date of Interview: 13-4-2022, forenoon
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: Psychology
Background: BSc(non med)
Hobbies: ghanta kuch ni puchha yahan se


  1. What are you doing since 2018?
  2. Provisions about mental health in India
  3. universal health
  4. Why name shift from dispensaries to wellness centres
  5. Euthanasia and morality

Member 1

  1. Interest areas of psychology
  2. Teach me a topic ( emotional intelligence) considering i am a 9th standard student.
  3. 498Abb_
  4. If you are DM what will you plan for women empowerment. Few followups

( i had longest discussion with her approximately 10 12 minutes)

Member 2

  1. Bhim, UPI
  2. Privacy issue and what can i do today
  3. What will i do if today i become victim of cyber fraud ( i said i will Google it, i don’t know why did they laugh
  4. Opium , ncb and some similar body
  5. Ethics paper reforms

I had good discussion with him but i can’t recall other questions

Member 3

  1. Some earlier answer was picked up and asked about mob mentality
  2. What will i do
  3. Old age people : issues and what can be done

Some other questions i can’t recall

Then they all looked over my head . I thought which new technique are they trying to play. Then figured out it was time they were keeping track of. So

Member 4

  1. said I will ask you one question
  2. 5 eco reforms done by govt last year.


  1. said thank you and we wish really good for you.
  2. Then lady asked : why are girls wearing this collar blouse . Has any mock person suggested you? I told my case .
  3. Some member asked me about weather forecasting and el nino. I did a factual blunder there.
  4. Utility of mocks : my mocks used to be very subjective and different from each other. I had same kind of feeling there. I don’t know the difference between marking scheme of mocks and upsc so fingers crossed.
  5. All the best everyone. Just one advice be yourself. If you realise you went on a wrong path ( like i did with euthanasia) just ask the person sir/ madam i guess i lost my track , if you permit can i rephrase. It will be beneficial in two ways:
  • your calm and confidence will be maintained.
  • they can see your real self ( what they are actually looking for)

Take it like any other day. Dont do this nonsense of D day. You will get mentally burdened by your own baggage of this auspicious occasion.

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