[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #7 : R.N. Choubey Board, Anthropology Optional, Quora reading Hobby

Date of Interview: 6 April Forenoon
Board: R.N. Choubey
Optional: Anthropology
Background:  NIT Bhopal
Hobbies: Versification, Quora reading


  1. about yourself background, job , qualification.
  2. what are the leadership styles
  3. what’s the meaning of your name
  4. do you think you have become dwij i.e. have you reached that stage
  5. situation based – government has to sell natural resources – what should be the methodology. Follow up question on that
  6. what was your job profile?(work ex). What did you worked on?

Member 1 

  1. Tell me about MSP, what are the challenges in msp. What are the solutions.

Member 2

  1. Nanotechnology, it’s use in drone.
  2. Integrated missile guiding programme – started in, at what stage it is currently,

Member 3 

  1. About solar vehicle, what are the challenges in industrial transition to electrical vehicle.
  2. How company will come in profit
  3. What are the changes you see in rto office, is there corruption prevailing in rto office.

Member 4 

  1. how are India China relations?
  2. galwan issue, how many rounds of talk, if you are made foreign minister how will you tackle China
  3. AUKUS, is there any country which is not in favour of AUKUS
  4. About quora reading (hobby)
  5. About Versification (hobby)

Cordial board, no cross questioning. 2 members were speaking very slow so had difficulty in decoding questions. Very different from mocks, they wanted just to have conversation.

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