[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #71 : RN. Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Jogging, Amateur sports

Date of Interview: 13/04/2022, forenoon
Board: RN. Choubey Sir  (same as last year, I was like history repeats itself…)
Optional: PSIR
Background: BSc,  M.A.
Service: IPS (earlier IRS and AC in CISF)
Hobbies: Jogging and Amateur sports

The board was extremely cordial.


  1. asked to introduce
  2. Meanwhile, why you shifted from science to humanities (Stephen’s to Tiss)
  3. What are different styles of leadership (I was President of my college)
  4. Which style is more suitable to Army?

Member 1

  1. In india police is colonial, we have direct entry of officers whereas in developed countries lower ranks rise up to become officers. Which one is better?
  2. Which one should be adopted in india?
  3. Should we pursue big infra rail projects like Bullet train and Silver line project ?

(He asked have you heard about Silver line project,  I said yes. He didn’t ask further)

Member 2

  1. Dialogue works better or command?
  2. Did dialogue worked in case of farm protest
  3. Between representative democracy and dialogue Which one should get priority?
  4. Both are complimentry or supplementary ?
  5. Which FRs are available to foreigners?
  6. What does equal protection of laws mean?
  7. Who gave this statement ” law is the command of the sovereign?”
  8. What are three features of this theory?

Member 4 (IR expert)

  1. What is “Indo pacific”?
  2. What is Quad?
  3. How is Quad different from IORA?
  4. In IORA is trade a priority or security?

Member 4

  1. What steps will you take for health of adolescent girls?
  2. You have been to Sadhbhavna mission in j&k. Should military be involved in civil administration?
  3. Does similar programme exist in North Eastern states?
  4. What does competition commission of India do?
  5. Can you give 2 examples of its work?

Chairman– if you want to say or ask something.  Your interview is over.

I thanked all the members and came out happy.

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