[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #73 : RN. Choubey Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional, Teaching Hobby

Date of interview: 12 April afternoon, 1st one to go
Board: RN. Choubey sir
Optional: Geography
Background: B.tech ECE
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Service: (if any)- Commercial Tax Officer UP government
Hobbies: Teaching underprivileged children, listening to retro Bollywood music

Your experience in interview- very cordial, no unnecessary grilling and very nice atmosphere

Utility of mocks (if any)- Took only one mock. Got to know shortcomings about my body posture and expression.


  1. Explained about the process and told that it is not a police enquiry. Asked me to frankly tell if I don’t know the answer to any question. He also said that the board wanted to have a purposeful conversation with me.
  2. – introduce yourself in short by telling your background and academic details.
  3. – You work in Tax department. Tell me if GST Act is unconstitutional as it takes away the power of states to levy and collect taxes?
  4. – then gave a long monologue about some study which stated that income tax be replaced by taxes on banking transaction and asked my views on it

Member 1

(Seemed to have studied taxation a lot)

  1. – told some quote regarding taxation and asked if I knew who said it to which I told that I didn’t
  2. – at least you would have heard this quote? ( Again I told that I have not heard it ever)
  3. – changed the question and again quoted something to which I again told that I’ve not heard but allowed me to explain its meaning
  4. – why are educational institutions not taxed in GST?
  5. – some counter questions on this
  6. – Again quoted some lines which were something like : “the only legitimate child is one which is born out of a legal wedlock and is the only legitimate heir”. What do you think about it?

Member 2 

  1. – Quoted something and asked to explain (can’t remember now)
  2. – What do you think of skill India?
  3. – Why we need skilling?
  4. – Do you think private sector needs to be included in this?
  5. – Will private sector involvement bring better results?
  6. – we are skilling people in India for world also. Is that a good strategy? Should we keep skilling them for foreign needs?

Member 3

  1. – You have Geography optional, that’s interesting. Tell me if India and China can ever become friends?
  2. – If territorial issues are solved then do you see them becoming friends?
  3. – but what about Sphere of influence? Won’t that become an issue even if other issues are ironed out?
  4. – do you think Indo-China border issues will be resolved in next 100 years?

Member 4

  1. – what do you mean by  underprivileged children?
  2. – do you know about a Nobel laureate who works for underprivileged children ( about Kailash Satyarthi ji)
  3. – what kind of children does hi work for?
  4. – what is the name of his organisation?
  5. – how did you make sure that children didn’t drop out of school(DAF based)
  6. – What are the issues with Land Acquisition in India?
  7. – What are the features of Land Acquisition Act (LARR)?
  8. – How is the amended LARR better than previous Act?

Chairman :

  1. We enjoyed talking to you. Anything which you want to tell us?
  2. I said sir I have mentioned about Bollywood retro music in my DAF.
  3. He said that he doesn’t want to ask anything but if I want to tell I can go ahead. I told that when I’m not in good mood I listen to songs of 60s and 70s and feel better.
  4. He said that he was pleased to know that and other members also smiled on this

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