[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #78 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, History Optional, Tabla, Chess Hobbies

Date of Interview: 11/04/22 forenoon session last to go
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: History
Background: computer engineering
Hobbies: tabla, chess, blockchain technology


read the daf, asked why history after  computer engineering then himself answered it is not present as a subject (that was my answer in cse 2019 interview which was taken by vyas sir so don’t know whether it was a general remark or he recognised me)

  1. Tell me 3 peasant and 3 tribal movements in modern indian history and what were their impacts?
  2. what is aukus and its impact on indo-pacific?
  3. has ias failed the nation and discussion around it

Member 1

  1. does police have a negative perception?
  2. are women able to approach police easily? why not?
  3. what has government done about it? what will you do about it?
  4. do you use social media? how do they earn even if they don’t charge you anything?
  5. any other source of income apart from advertisement?(wanted to hear use of data)
  6. what can be done for data privacy?
  7. is internet safe?
  8. have you ever faced any ethical dilemma?
  9. tell me one application of blockchain in administration that you would like to implement

Member 2

  1. what are jpc recommendations on data privacy bill?
  2. what is data mirroring and localisation? what does jpc recommend?
  3. asked some term about cloud computing (said don’t know)
  4. what is end to end encryption?
  5. where is the data stored?
  6. who can intercept the data at state and central level?
  7. what legislations are for the same?
  8. what one application will you want to create as a collector being a computer engineer which has not yet been implemented?

Member 3

  1. how to make internet safe?
  2. provisions of mcoca on interception of messages
  3. why is mcoca considered a gamechanger?
  4. what is organised crime
  5. what is ethical hacking? who regulates it?
  6. how to access end to end encrypted data?

Member 4

  1. what is climate change?
  2. what are its impacts on a coastal city like mumbai?
  3. what can be done to avoid those impacts?
  4. what are parameters of pollution?
  5. what is aqi?


thankyou. your interview is over.

overall board was cordial. questions were starting by asking facts or definition and then going into discussion over those concepts. many rapid fire type questions were also asked.

mainly revolved around DAF. Some contemporary issues were asked not much of current affairs.

utility of mocks: few questions were asked already in mocks so helped in better structuring of those answers. It also helped into getting in the zone of interview.

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