[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #79 : TCA Anant Board, Anthropology Optional, Singing, Sports Hobbies

Date of Interview: 6 Apr, 9AM session
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Anthropology
Background: HBTU, Kanpur (Edible Oil Technology)
Employee: (if any)- 1 year edible oil industry, data analytics freelance
Hobbies: singing, watching football and tennis, meditation

Your experience in interview-

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  • Entry: Cordial exchange of greetings, told to remove shield and mask
    Given wheel wali chair so it was not a good start as the chair moved as I was sitting

Chairman: Reading my DAF, no introduction asked

  1. What exactly was your engineering branch?
  2. What does an edible oil engineer do?
  3. Which oil is a good oil?
  4. what are types of refining?
  5. Is kacchi ghani a physically refined oil or just marketing?
  6. What is famous about Varanasi (hometown)? Name some of them.
  7. Is Olive oil the best edible oil?

Member 1: Mam was extremely cordial and always maintained eye -contact

  1. Has Varanasi finally arrived in terms of development?
  2. Completely motorizing the streets of varanasi, is it a good idea?
  3. what are two pressing issues in Varanasi?
  4. What is a GI tag?
  5. Are patents and GI tag the same
  6. what is a patent?
  7. Name any other GI tag product from varanasi?
  8. Is it given only for processed goods or agri products also included?
  9. GI tags from UP? Is Bhadohi Carpet given GI tag?
  10. Name some agri related GI tags from outside UP? (kadaknath chicken was my answer)

Member 2

  1. you bave been good at studies, so why edible oil in engineering?
  2. You have worked in nellore, name one port in the city
  3. Why do we eat palm oil a lot?
  4. why coconut oil n kerala and mustard oil in north?
  5. Is migration good? : I used a harsh word double edged sword in place of pros and cons ( Gave the push -pull factors )
  6. Will you as migrant in Kerala cadre be called an asset?
  7. which oils should we eat ( repetition, here I feel they were curious and interview went little bit about their interests and not mine)

Member 3: Reading my expressions all through the interview

  1. spoke so slowly : What are the reasons of smog in Delhi?
  2. how to fight stubble burning?
  3. Use of fly ash? Who is the biggest buyer of fly ash?
  4. what are its uses? Why not used in road making extensively?
  5. How is mustard oil refined
  6. Why chemical refining is avoided in this process?

Member 4: Maam was again cordial, added a Ji to my name..

  1. Who are the vulnerable sections in society
  2. what is government doing for disabled section
  3. What is govt. Doing for ST women?
  4. how an we improve our governance system?
  5. Can we have better women- centric policies
  6. have you learnt music professionally?
  7. My honest answer: It was optional subject along with Drawing. As soon as I got the opportunity out of drawing, I took it but eventually performed in school and college
  8. who is your fav singer and why?

Chairman: your interview is over. You may get up.

  1. It was not on my strengths of opinion based questions but my weakness on graduation questions.
  2. My English was very normal and I was feeling thirsty in the interview room due to that shield and mask thing.
  3. Utility of mocks (if any)- Had given 1 mock…not much as they were focussed on CA but it was not asked in my interview
  4. Now only result will tell as they make everyone comfortable in the interview room
  5. This was my experience in my 1st interview  in 3 attempts

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