[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #82 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Sanskrit Optional, Coding, Sports Hobby

Date of the interview: (8th April,  Afternoon session, fifth no.)
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Background: B.tech- Information and Technology
Hobbies: Coding in c++ and java, playing and watching sports
Optional: Sanskrit

Utility of Mocks – good for confidence and to become formal.


  1. You are from Sainik School ,three things you learnt from there ?
  2. when and why Sainik Schools were formed ?
  3. did they fail in your case(cross question) ?
  4. India Israel Relations (bouncer ,as it was not in news)
  5. SANSKRIT SHLOKA yatna bharate,tatna bharate (Optional subject)
  6. told me to be specific (3 agriculture and 3 defence sectors)  – Cross Question
  7. What is Black Hole and why it is named so ?
  8. Difference between Java and C++ ?
  9. why we use AC and not DC for transmission or invertor ?

Member 1

  1. IMF report on why poverty was below 1% ?
  2. what is NAI TALIM ?
  3. why some cities are good at IT(pune bangalore) ?
  4. what would you do to improve the IT industries at other cities and states ?

Member 2

  1. what is difference between IMF and World Bank ?
  2. what is Marshal Plan(after WW – 2) ?
  3. tell us something about textile industry ?
  4. What is EIA ?
  5. what is dhwani sidhhant bin sanskrit literature ?

Member 3

  1. Sanskrit shloka (didnt remember)
  2. tell us about banabhatt ?
  3. is kadambari solely work of banabhatt ?
  4. He corrected me and told the story for 2 minutes(shloka which was asked earlier)?
  5. Compare Sanskrit and other languages of its age?
  6. cross Question – is it a dead language?
  7. tell us about other languages?

Member 4

  1. About Labour Reforms, which states have done good and to what extent?
  2. what are the achievements in material science?
  3. what is the GDP of India?
  4. Distribution of GDP sector wise?
  5. How wealth is created by loans?

Chairman: Your interview is over, You may go and all the best;

  1. Ty seniors and mentors
  2. Best of luck fellow aspirants

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