[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #83 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, PSIR Optional, Travelling, Cardio Workout Hobbies

Date of Interview: 13 april
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas
Optional: PSIR
Hobbies: Budget Travelling , Cardio Workout , contribution to father’s Business.


  1. Do you think globlisation is irrelevant ?
  2. You must be following the foreign ministers recent meeting so what is the his statement during US meeting and what stand India has taken ?
  3. How the meeting will affect India and europe relations ?
  4. Due date for Presidential election ? How president is elected ? How MLA vote value is calculated ? which state has the highest and lowesr value ?

Member 1

  1. which agency violates human rights in India ? ( based on my DAF) Do you know about police and human rights violation ? How police violates human rights ?
  2. Supreme court guidelines on Custodial violence and human rights abuse ?
  3. Do you feel safe during travel or how u manage your security during travelling ? (based on budget travelling hobby)
  4. So you think women feel insecure during travel , why they feel insecure ? what measures are required?
  5. Do you watch any OTT platform  ?
  6. difference between netflix and bollywood movies ?
  7. what three steps you will take for digital India ?

Member 2

  1. which women ias ips inspired you ? ( i said smitha sabarwal , then follow up on her work )
  2. How you will implement her ideals in your district ? ( I told him it depends upon the district in which i will be posted but if you allow me i can tell about my home district , he permitted then next follow up on water security)
  3. water condition in india ? how much drinking water is available to one individual?

Member 3

  1. do you think electricity subsidy should be given to all farmers free of cost or it should be given selectively  ?
  2. what is the rational for giving electricity subsidy ?
  3. what do you understand by sufism?
  4. commonality between sufism and hinduism ?
  5. what miranda house means to you ? ( it is my college)
  6. what are stress asset ? Particularly asked about NPA and when it is declared NPA ?

Member 4

  1. You do cardio workout , so do you use any tracking device like fitbit ?
  2. what is ur blood sugar level ?
  3. what is your pulses rate  ? what is standard pulses rate for adults
  4. do you know eco and ecg ?
  5. what you do in your fathers business ? what u have learned ? ( mentioned in DAF)
  6. what should be done for bidding – technical or financial ?
  7. What problem you have faced in GST and direct taxation and what reforms you will suggest?
  8. Name some border forces of india ? ( i forgot assam riffles so he added , politely thanked him )


In very jolly mood , asked me that he is very confused about the adhai din ka jhopra , why it is named this ? I told him the whole story behind the name . He said now am a bit relieved , thank you , your interview is over


Board was very cordial , it is more like an interesting conversation than interview. They give you enough time to talk and put your points .

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