[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #84 : M Sathyavathy Ma’am Board, Sociology Optional, Sports Hobby

Date of Interview: 13 April afternoon, went on 4th position
Board: M Sathyavathy Ma’am
Optional:  Sociology
Background: B.Tech ECE
Employee: (if any)- 8 years work experience in semiconductor industry
Hobbies: played table tennis at state level; read about tech enabled solutions; cycling

Your experience in interview-it was average I felt that the chairperson and one member were disinterested in knowing me.

There were not much counter questions. they were not using my reply for the next question. Felt like checking knowledge than personality

Utility of mocks (if any)


  1. Remove your face shield put it on your lap
  2. Bring down your mask she confirmed my photo and then asked me to put up my mask again
  3. For five minutes sHe read my DAF loudly
  4. The mask you are wearing, has three layes, can you tell me why?
  5. It has a blue colour layer white colour layer, can you tell me why this colour difference?
  6. We have another type of masks also like N 95 90 98 surgical marks. can you tell me the differences?
  7. why Ias
  8. don’t you think you are too late for this

Member 1

  1. What is the weight of TT ball
  2. who is national champion in men
  3. challenges in communication
  4. your view on India’s stand on Ukraine crisis

Member 2

  1. You read about tech enabled solution tell me some technical solution
  2. I said I am reading about electric vehicle then he said that there is no technology in electric vehicle and he was not happy by my answer
  3. then he asked to tell some other technology
  4. I said  Blockchain and its use cases but he was not happy
  5. then he asked me about my job profile
  6. then he asked me what my company do and
  7. there was no counter question based on my answer
  8. I threw word like virtual hardware electronic design but he asked nothing about them

Member 3

  1. He said you have done electronics and telecommunication so tell me the difference between GSM AND CDMA
  2. next HE ask me in what way we can communicate then he asked me about a department in Ministry of electronics  then he asked me about the scheme in LWE for communication then he asked me about the scheme for communication in Northeast then he asked me about national optical Phiber program
  3. no counter question only one or two words reply

Member 4

  1. He has asked me how the optical transmission happens reason behind it?
  2. optical transmission vs copper cable then he asked and counter question in this then
  3. he asked me about carrom board( my DAF had no word even close to carrom board) but I said that I have not played
  4. asked me whether TT ball can swing I said yes then he asked me tell me the mechanism I was not aware but in non technical language I tried to explain then he asked me about the Panchayati Raj system what is it then he asked me about more than I said that it is 3TIer system then he asked me to name all three level then he asked me what happened in city what is the local body structure in CIty then he asked me about the function of municipal council then he asked me whether it can legislate
  5. In last he asked me “leaders are born not made” give me your review
  6. Suddenly chairperson says thank you

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