[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #85 : RN. Choubey Board, Sociology Optional

Date of Interview: 13 April 2022
RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: Sociology
Work experience: in Training phase of Group A service


  1. give intro in 1 minute,asked about my service and its future prospects ,companies act 2013

Member 1

  1. reasons for children begging in streets of cities,what threats they face, administration faces which challenges to rehabilitate them,asked about pvtgs,their history and examples

Member 2

  1. definition of society in terms of gender, parameters for assigning a gender,forced marriage concept,advice to woman of contemporary Indian society

Member 3

  1. asked about target of 5 trillion dollar economy,is it achievable and many counter questions,5th industrial revolution, demographic dividend

Member 4

  1. questions on swachh bharat mission and it’s problems,issues in waste management and about landfills,counter questions on recycling of waste,as a future administrator what will you do to improve female adolescent health


  1. questions on badminton(my hobby) and it’s performance in Olympics
  2. Some questions on relevance of bhagwad gita in administration
  3. Then it got over

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