[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #87 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 06/04/2022
RN Choubey Sir
Optional: PSIR
Attempt: 5th attempt, 2nd interview


  1. sked about sharing education and work background.
  2. Further asked about nature of my work.

Member 1: (All random questions, neither of them were related to my DAF)

  1. People are visiting mountains for recreation and tourism. They create so much waste and put pressure on local ecology. How should we change such irresponsible behaviour?
  2. Students till class 5th should be taught only 5 languages and nothing else: Hindi, English, Local language, Maths and Computer programming. What do you say?
  3. Which is the most pressing problem of our nation today?

Member 2: (Again all random questions)

  1. Tell me why India is trying to become defense exporter when we ourselves are top importer of defense products?
  2. Have you heard about GeM? Has it truely helped MSMEs in our country?

Member 3

  1. What do you know about land reforms?
  2. Is Green revolution a success?
  3. Tell me features of recent land acquisition programs of government?

Member 4

  1. Impact of Political and constitutional crisis in Pakistan on India?
  2. Asked about my service preferences? Then asked me about three qualities of an IFS officer.
  3. Asked about mindfulness meditation, What is different in this kind of meditation? Has it helped you in real life?
  4. If you won 1 crore rs right now, what would you do?

Chairman: Do you want to talk about anything?

Experience: Extremely cordial board. They gave me ample amount of time to frame my answers. They were smiling and nodding throughout the interview.

All the best to everyone.

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