[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #88 : RN Choubey Board, Economics Optional

Board: RN Choubey
Optional: Economics
Background: Ess
Attempt: First attempt


  1. Introduce yourself in a minute
  2. Opinion on CAA and Farm Laws..follow up questions on the same

Member 1

  1. state of the economy/is it recovering/have efforts succeeded + follow up questions
  2. Plastic pollution
  3. EVs & pollution abatement

Member 2

  1. JJM – what is it
  2. Millets – why they must be encouraged
  3. Women empowerment schemes

Member 3

  1. Service pref
  2. Quad and AUKUS – are they complementary
  3. Highlights of today’s paper
  4. Things you’d do as a civil servant

Member 4

  1. Do we need civil services
  2. What’s good/what’s bad
  3. Two or three follow up questions on civil services that I am unable to recall
  4. Chairperson winded up asking if I have anything to ask or tell the board.
  5. Overall the board was extremely cordial. Very conversational and non combative.

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