[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #89 : RN Choubey Board, Poem writing, books Hobbies

Date of Interview: 18/04/22
Board: RN Choubey
Background: In service
Hobbies: Non fiction books, Poem writing
Work experience: ITC Cigarette


  1. -Tell us about yourself.
  2. -Choose one amongst Police reform electoral reform and judicial reforms.
  3. -Speak about it what has been done till now.
  4. -What future reforms you propose for it.

Member 1

  1. -What is called dollar town of India which is in Karnataka.
  2. -What’s trade balance do we have. What’s the export and import value of goods and service that we have.
  3. – Value of service export and service import
  4. – -What act  CBI is governed through? Why some state oppose it? What is general consent? Do we need to have a seperate act for CBI?

Member 2

  1. -What you did in ITC?
  2. -Is ITC diversifying  good? Share value is almost constant. How?
  3. -Tell me the renewable energy scenario in India and World.
  4. -How do you change the attitude of the police? Isnt it a long drawn process?
  5. -Which book you read recently? What is it about.

Member 3

  1. -Have you read ‘why do we sleep’ book?
  2. -Say three good and bad things about “small states bring development”
  3. -Tell me the instrument that this artists use. Multiple musical personality recalled.
  4. -Tell me who wrote Clash of civilizations?
  5. -Who wrote Argumentative Indian?
  6. -Who wrote accidental prime minister?
  7. -Tell me new development on technologies you have seen recently
  8. -Whether social media is good or bad?

Member 4

  1. -Karnataka is said to be “one state many nations”. Do you concur? What is causing problems in it?apart from tourism angle. How to solve it?
  2. -What’s the role of DM and Police in this
  3. – Srilanka crisis. Explain. Why it happened. Does “welfarism” as a theory work? Does India has similar future like Sri Lanka meltdown?


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