[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #90 : TCA Anant Board, Gujarat Home State, Gujarati Literature Optional,

Date of Interview: 18/04/2022
TCA Anant Sir
Optional: Gujarati Literature
Home State: Gujarat
Attempt: 6th attempt, 1st interview
Background: RBI and Police

Chairman: you can remove your mask and face shield and keep it on table. Read my DAF loud.

  1. Tell me in brief about what you did after Graduation.
  2. Tell us about your work profile at RBI
  3. Your role in working with demonetised currency
  4. You are in Police service for past four years. Tell us about what you did for the last four years
  5. How was your experience in implementing Lockdown
  6. What would you do now if you have to deal with migrant crises again

Member 1

  1. Who issues the currency notes and why?
  2. What can we do in terms of monetary policy to deal with current inflation
  3. Which force guards the border in Gujarat
  4. Which other forces are responsible for boarder guarding
  5. Do you think we should have one common boarder guarding force?
  6. How does recent developments in Pakistan affect India

Member 2

  1. Why is China doing well in terms of economic growth
  2. Who contributed to economic growth in China
  3. Do you think China achieved growth on its own or other countries helped China for the same?
  4. Do you think world is too dependent on China?

Member 3

  1. What do you think about new education policy?
  2. Did you select your graduation field by choice or you got it by the merit
  3. Do you think students should be given a chance to change graduation subject
  4. Why there are no Indian institute in Top 100 World institute ranking?
  5. Give us one suggestion to improve the quality of education in engineering institute

Member 4

  1. What can we do to fulfill the needs of energy in rural india
  2. What do you think about digitalization and digital currency
  3. What would you like to do on a daily basis for yourself

Chairman: smiled and said your interview is now over

Experience: cordial board. gave ample amount of time to frame my answers. No cross questions. Nothing from hobbies

All the best to everyone.

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