[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #91 : TCA Anant  Board, Geography Optional, Tamilnadu Home State,

Date of Interview: 18.04.22
Board: TCA Anant
Optional: Geography
Home State: Tamilnadu
Background: Computer science and engineering


  1. Enquired about my college. Asked questions on my hobby (calligraphy). How I started and what tools I m using. Interested in enquiring about various scripts and which I like .
  2. Reason for choosing geography as a optional

Member 1

  1. Digital economy advantages and disadvantages
  2. Follow up on digital economy effects on IT industry
  3. Work from culture pros and cons
  4. Dhoklam significance – geographic, Economic,strategic
  5. Sir creek – significance economic geography why india pak is disputing for a piece of land

Member 2

  1. Srilankan crisis – reasons
  2. What lessons India can learn from the crisis
  3. Food inflation in Srilanka

Member 3

  1. Reasons for gender imbalance in engineering
  2. Impacts of this gender imbalance and followup
  3. Reasons for tamilnadu opposing the central exams like neet and cuet
  4. Solutions you suggest to make them adopt this model

Member 4 

  1. Tamilnadu and Kerala comparisons geographical angle –  why they differ in economy ,polity, employment
  2. Why borders are more sacrosanct even today
  3. One aspect you want in your organisation
  4. Cordial board overall. Mostly daf based (graduation and optional )

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