[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #99 : TCA Anant Board, Public Administration Optional, Smartphones, Journaling, Badminton Hobbies

Date of Interview: 12th April, 2022 Afternoon Session
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Optional: Public Administration
Hobbies: Learning about Smartphones, Journaling, Badminton
Background: Civil Engineering

Experience – Board was Cordial, Lively and Members seem genuinely interested.
No Face Shield. Entered the Cabin.

Chairman – Greeted, Asked to Sit. Asked to remove the Mask to get comfortable.
Started Reading the DAF, Hometown, Graduation, College etc,

  1. Asked about What is “Learning About Smartphones”?
  2. We all use smartphones, What is that you do differently?
  3. Analyze the Current Smartphone Market in India?
  4. Suggest me a Phone.
  5. If Not Apple, What Options do we have?
  6. If Not Samsung, What else?
  7. For Google Phones, There was some issue with a recent model, can you Highlight that?
  8. Should I still buy the older model of Google Or Import New?
  9. What is the review of Chinese Companies like Oneplus, Xiomi?

Member 1

  1. You seem Technologist, What are the uses of Smartphones In Administration?
  2. What do you mean by Journalling?
  3. So, Tell me about two entries?
  4. What differences have you documented between your Hometown and Delhi?
  5. You have prepared after your graduation, Have you taken Coaching for this exam?
  6. Whenever Results are declared, there are full page ads by these coachings, and it seems like Every topper has gone to every coaching. How can that be possible?
  7. Do you Play Badminton?
  8. What do you think of Lakshya Sen?

Member 2 

  1. You are a Civil Engineer, How will you use knowledge of Civil Engineering in Administration?
  2. Two Quotes – “Be the Change you want to see” and “One should Cope with his circumstances”, How would you interpret it? Choose one if you have to.
  3. [Long Sentence about how India is diverse and Complex] What are issues Public Administration faces, and how will you solve it?

Member 3

  1. What is the difference between Administration and Management?
  2. Are these two different?
  3. Private companies complain about their Management, How are there issues different from Public Administration? [To and Fro on this]
  4. Recently, New technology of Bridge construction – Prefab Bridges are being used, What are the issues with it?

Member 4 

  1. What are the differences between iOS and Android?
  2. Can an iPhone be hacked?
  3. What are the day-to-day things which smartphones have changed in our lives? [To and Fro on this]
  4. If we are becoming so dependent on Smartphones, what are the issues concerning it?

Chairman Concluded with “Thank you, Your Interview is over”

Utility of Mocks – Most of the Qns were from different Mocks. Mannerisms and Non Verbal Communication was better due to Mocks.

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