[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #102 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Hindi literature Optional, Running Tuition Hobbies

Date of Interview: 15th Feb 2023 afternoon 1st to go
 M Sathiyavathy
Background: computer science eng; dairy products processor
Optional: Hindi literature
Hobby: tuition and guiding students, Running


  1. 2019 se ab tk kya kr rhe ho?
  2. milk processing ko lekr questions? (I mentioned in previous ans)
  3. mp ki global investors summit
  4. in sb jrurat kyo h
  5. MOU in last investers summit
  6. Up ki summit
  7. costal states h jo bha kyo nhi hoti h

Member 1

  1. questions related to dairy sector
  2. business ko aage le kr jao
  3. IIT k student n khud ka start up kia h dairy m aap bhi kr lo bo to successfull h
  4. amul itna successful h ?(i mentioned amul in previous ans)
  5. india ko mfg ka hub bnana kyo h ?
  6. kya hum esa kuch kr pa rhe h ?
  7. msme m technology ka use ?

Member 2

1) Indian it industry or sillicon vally m difference
2) hum humare kya efforts kr skte h
3) brain drain ko rokne kya krna h?
4) aap computer science se ho or tution other subjects kyo pdate ho?
5) emerging technologies and humans related some questions

Member 3

  1. Myanmar k issue ko lekr grill kia bs
  2. hindi literature kmzor kyo ho rha
  3. some book jo abhi acchi h (previous ans m bola tha ki hindi bounce back kr rhi h )
  4. Hindi jo h usme other languages k words bhi use kre kya jis se hindi or jyada aage ja  ske
  5. republic day pr chief guest kon
  6. kyo aae the
  7. india ko kya benefits is se

Member 4

Yours interview is over best of luck
Very cordial board pta hi nhi chla kb Start kb khtm
Sayad avg time fix rehta  beech m mam n mere peeche ki clock ko dekhkr 2 bar isare kiye members ko ki time dekho😂
Only Myanmar issue or hindi literature ko lekr grill krne try kia
Mock se totally different hota h
But mock dena chahiye agr sare batch m 1st jana pd jae to heart beat normal rehti h
And  1 or 2 questions repeat ho skte h.

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