[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #103 : RN Choubay Board, Rajasthan Home State, Hindi literature Optional, movies Hobby

Date of Interview: 15/02/2023, afternoon session,3rd to go
Board: RN Choubay sir
Background: BSc Biology, MA Political science, doing PhD
Home State: Rajasthan
Optional: Hindi literature
Hobbies: Bollywood movies, lofi Bhajan.

After entering, normal formalities and asked to relax and chaubay sir told that they were like friends so talk us like we are our friends.


  1. agri loan waiver right or wrong ,i said both but depends on some situations nd then follow ups .then education loan waiver and suicide rlt to students and discussion on that . was going deeper,i thought I will get trapped so I said I only know this much .he said it’s ok you told well .then passed to member 1.

Member 1

  1. What do you know about Anganwadi
  2. Services at anganwadi
  3. Should we abolish anganwadi system
  4. Should we increase Anganwadi.

Member 2

  1. Very factual qsns ,I have never heard nor i remember those qsns .
  2. Do you know about renke temple

Member 3

  1. National park of Rajasthan
  2. Tiger reserve of Rajasthan
  3. When tiger can be seen easily _ morning evening or in between
  4. Difference between bacteria and virus
  5. Good bacteria
  6. Can we eat  bacteria
  7. Can anyone can eat curd any time of the day by any age person
  8. Why curd in day time nd not night time .isse aage i said sorry sir .
  9. What is jamoji

Member 4

  1. Why MA political science after bsc
  2. Why optional hindi literature
  3. Why MA not  in regular mode
  4. Why private university rising
  5. Importance of pvt University
  6. Should we ban pvt University


  1. Phd topic
  2. Done field work or not
  3. Guide name
  4. Accha lga jaan kr ki aapne variety me pdha h itna .hmne pooch liya h do you want to say something.i said i remember a song after this interview.if you permit I want to tell two lines .he said yes sure .they laughed and then ok thank you you are free now you can go.

Mock utility: ek single qsn repeat nhi hua . But only ias mock se confidence aaya . sleepy classes waalo ne pura down kr diya tha confidence nd drishti wala nrml factual tha .

My experience: they were just checking pressure handling capacity.3 time laughter moments ,one time impressed the aisa lga . Nd current alg hi level ka poocha tha normal current qsns nhi the . be confidential and honest because at one place chaubey sir said accha lga ki tumne honestly reply Kiya . that’s all .all the best to other candidate.

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