[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #105 : Preeti Sudan Board, Hindi literature Optional, Folk songs Hobby

Date of Interview: 17/02, forenoon 1st to go
Board: Preeti Sudan
Optional: Hindi literature
Home State: Himachal Pradesh
College: IITK(no ques) Computer science
Profession (if any): Tax department
Hobbies: Folk songs especially meenawati song, cricket(no ques), Rubik’s cube


  1. Tell me something about Kasauli(district)
  2. Meenawati song – kya h
  3. Tax related new provisions
  4. Why IAS
  5. CAPF join ku nhi kiya


  1. NFT
  2. Crypto currency
  3. B tech project
  4. E -rupe
  5. India’s progress from 1947
  6. Why be needed to have tax system
  7. Tax avoidance and tax evasion
  8. IPR …why needed to have IPR
  9. DMIC and DFC …how good
  10.  Afghanistan India’s policy
  11. Neighbouring nations- Border area development –
  12. vibrant village program
  13. Mnrega – o1. nline attandance

Baki yad nhi….

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