[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #108 : M Sathiyavathy Board, PSIR Optional,

Date of Interview: 14 Feb 2023
 M Sathiyavathy
Optional: PSIR
Background: BA [ Sociology, Economics, History]
Hobbies: Journaling [others didn’t get asked]


  1. Mam read out Daf aloud.
  2. What is journalling?
  3. Isn’t it same as diary writing? (I said journaling is issue specific and goes more in depth, diary is more time specific and records events, but broad nature is same)
  4. But is there any restrain in diary writing, that prevents you from going into depth?
    [laughed and said – So new things are getting invented…. Anyways]
  5. Who was devi ahilya, why was she famous, her contributions. (My university)

Member 1

  1. U did 12th with science stream, then why you switched to social science in graduation?
  2. Asked about MN Srinivas. What is sanskritisation and westernisation.
  3. How do you see the two in context of present changes in Indian society.
  4. Why these two happens?
  5. What among them is good or bad.
  6. Adam smiths theory.
  7. Free market in India post LPG?
  8. What’s is it’s impact on Indian society? [member asked me to combine my knowledge of sciology and economics]
  9. How role of caste is transforming? Is caste is being replaced by class?
  10. Is this it a good indicator?
  11. Post LPG – class differences increasing, how it is impacting today’s society?

Member 2

  1. Recent reports that chinas growth is slowing and it is ageing also, is it an opportunity for India, How?
  2. G20 , How India can use its position to its advantage.
  3. Russia ukraine war, what is the solution?
  4. As an Indian what makes your heart swell with pride and what disappoints you?
  5. What do you feel more, happy that India is better than pakistan or sad that India not doing better than china? [terms of percapita income, economy, stability etc]
  6. China has grown rapidly, Is democracy of india hindering its growth?
  7. But if we see parliamentary proceedings it feels like this only…what will u say?
  8. What will be your priority if you are appointed as an administrator of an area? [member gave few options like health,education, infra]

Member 3

  1. Reasons for pakistani wconomic crisis
  2. Why bangldesh doing so good and pak not so good?
  3. Reasons for sri lankan economic crisis.
  4. Is pakistan going in the way of sri lanka
  5. What is good for India – Disinvestment or privatisation
  6. Difference between disinvestment and privatisation?

Member 4

  1. Who all countries have helped sri lanka?
  2. Has srilanka got IMF relief?
  3. How has India helped srilanka ?
  4. To what countries sri lanka owns its debt and in what order?
  5. What is paris club
  6. What is OECD
  7. Bimstec, what is it, who all are members?
  8. It BIMSTEC there to remove pakistan from regional cooperation?
  9. What steps BIMSTEC has taken in area of cutoms and anti smuggling?

Chairperson said thankyou, all the best.

My understanding
• Very few facts asked, majority of questions were directed to know my opinion.
• Board was very responsive, members were nodding and it appeared they wanted me to speak more and more (and reveal my personality).
• No quesn from state, city, and pulwama etc.
• Very smooth experience, and the chair they give us is very comfortable though:)

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