[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #109 : RN Choubey Board, Sociology Optional, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Jogging Hobby

Date of Interview: 15.02.2023, Afternoon(2nd to go)
Board: RN Choubey sir
Background: BTech in EE(IIT Varanasi)
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Work Experience: Fintech(currently working)
Hobby: Jogging, Listening to Bollywood songs
Other keywords from DAF: JNV, BHU, Maharajganj, Varanasi, Gurugram


  1. Tell us about your academic record and work experience.
  2. Role of FCI.
  3. Why do we maintain buffer stock more than required?
  4. Shouldn’t we pay for the price difference instead of procuring at MSP and let farmers sell the produce in open market?

Member 1

  1. What is Wagah?
  2. Have you heard about Wagah Border?
  3. We celebrate function everyday in the evening there. Please tell about that.
  4. Tell me about Geneva convention.
  5. Function and differences between R&AW and IB.
  6. Difference between state and UT.
  7. What is the purpose of having UT.

Member 2

  1. Have you heard about skyUTM(can’t recall exact word). Explain(hint: related to roadways).
  2. what is GeM portal?
    some more questions…

Member 3

  1. So, you are a Electrical engineer.
  2.  (a). what is star rating AND upto how many numbers it goes(0 to 5 or 0 to 10) AND what on what parameters it is given AND who give ratings(agency).
  3. (b). Under which organisation/ministry/department BEE comes.
  4. you are working as a software professional.
  5. (a) What is an API(software related) AND how does it works.
  6. (b) in how much time API delivers response for a request.
  7. What is chatGPT?
  8. how does it works?
  9. how does chatGPT know that the answer it is generating is correct?
    One more question…

Member 4

  1. Reason for Russia-Ukraine war AND why it extended so long AND benefit and loss to India due to it.
  2. What are Farmer cooperatives AND are they successful AND in which area they are successful AND are they beneficial to the farmers.
  3. Why are they not successful in other states?
  4. In which year BHU got established?
  5. How it was established?
  6. Why you chose Sociology as an Optional despite being Electrical Engineer AND how knowledge of sociology is going to help you as an administrator?
  7. How to solve to problem of Beggary?

Chairperson: Okay, your interview is over now. Do you want to tell any thing else.

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